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Milk Tea

Assam Black Milk Tea
Strong and full bodied tea with hints of molasses and cocoa notes

Golden King Oolong Milk Tea πŸ’›
Lightly roasted oolong tea with a nutty aroma and hints of floral notes

Jasmine Green Milk Tea
Green tea scented with jasmine flower blossoms

Thai Tornado πŸ’›
Thai milk tea mixed with creamy puff cream

Oreo Milk Tea
Assam black milk tea mixed with puff cream and topped with crumbled oreo

Gyokuro Green Milk Tea πŸ’›
Lightly roasted green tea with a bright and slightly floral aroma

Tie Guan Yin Oolong Milk Tea πŸ’›
Blend of medium and dark roasted oolong with a toasty and earthy aroma

Brown Sugar Milk Tea
Assam black milk tea, sweetened with Taiwanese brown sugar

Kyoto Milk Tea πŸ’›
Jasmine green milk tea with a hint of matcha, mixed with creamy puff cream

Honey Gyokuro Milk Tea
Gyokuro green milk tea, sweetened with honey instead of cane sugar

Thai Milk Tea πŸ’›
Strongly brewed black tea infused with traditional Thai spices

Ruby Black Milk Tea
Medium bodied black tea with hints of cinnamon and minty aroma

Tiramisu Milk Tea πŸ’›
Assam black milk tea, topped with tiramisu foam and cocoa powder

Fruit Tea

Tropical Paradise πŸ’›
Alishan oolong tea mixed with passion fruit and orange juice, topped with apple and orange slices

Strawberry Heaven
Jasmine green tea mixed with fresh strawberries and lemon slices

Summer Melon πŸ’›
Refreshing blend of jasmine green tea, lychee and watermelon juice, topped with lychee fruit bits and lemon slices

Mango Tango πŸ’›
Jasmine green tea blended with fresh champagne mangoes

Grapefruit Garden
Jasmine green tea mixed with fresh grapefruit juice, topped with grapefruit pulps and slices

Very Grape
Jasmine green tea blended with fresh grapes


Matcha Marble πŸ’›
Ice blended matcha smoothie mixed with creamy and sweet matcha puff cream

Matcha Latte
Ceremonial grade matcha, combined with organic milk

Strawberry Matcha Latte πŸ’›
Layers of ceremonial grade matcha, organic milk, and fresh house-made strawberry puree

Dirty Boba Matcha Latte
Matcha latte topped with boba soaked in caramelized black sugar syrup

Mango Matcha Latte
Layers of ceremonial grade matcha, organic milk, and fresh house-made mango puree

Fruit Smoothie

Strawberry Cloud πŸ’›
Refreshing and tart strawberry smoothie made from fresh strawberries, mixed with cheese foam

Grape Cloud
Ice blended grape smoothie made from fresh grapes, topped with cheese foam and peeled grapes chunks

Mango Cloud πŸ’›
Refreshing and sweet mango smoothie made from fresh mangoes, mixed with cheese foam

Grapefruit Crush
Grapefruit slush made from fresh grapefruit juice and grapefruit pulps

Peach Cloud *SEASONAL*
Ice blended white peach smoothie made from seasonal white peaches, mixed with cheese foam

Fresh Milk

Creme Brulee Boba Latte πŸ’›
Organic milk, topped with caramelized black sugar boba and torched creme brΓ»lΓ©e

Strawberry Fresh Milk
Organic milk mixed with fresh strawberry puree, topped with strawberry bits

Black Sugar Boba Latte
Organic milk topped with caramelized black sugar boba

Ube Taro Fresh Milk πŸ’›
Organic milk mixed with ube puff cream, taro puree and a hint of coconut


Vietnamese Coffee πŸ’›
Strong and authentic Vietnamese coffee brewed by the phin drip method, sweetened with condensed milk

Coconut Coffee
Creamy coconut smoothie swirled with Vietnamese coffee, topped with coconut flakes

Vietnamese Coffee Latte
A lighter alternative to the Vietnamese coffee. Vietnamese coffee with an extra splash of milk

Tiramisu Coffee
Vietnamese coffee mixed with a hint of hazelnut and coconut milk, topped with tiramisu foam